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GuilloChop - Stainless Steel Handheld Food Chopper

GuilloChop - Stainless Steel Handheld Food Chopper

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Small And Efficient Vegetable Chopper

Prepare your vegetables for fantastic meals using the GuilloChop. Chop and dice those veggies in a flash just by pressing on this handy device!

The GuilloChop is a sturdy vegetable chopper that is fitted with sharp blades and a sturdy body. It is designed to keep all the chopping inside the container, keeping your fingers away from the blades.

Key Benefits

Quality Materials - The GuilloChop is made with durable plastics and steel that can withstand your daily vegetable chopping. It's fitted with stainless steel blades to ensure that it won’t rust and easily wear out.

Simple Operation - Simply press the top of the GuilloChop once you place all the ingredients in the container. There is a built-in spring to ensure minimal effort when chopping, making prepping your veggies quick and easy.

Safe To Use - The GuilloChop keeps your fingers safe from accidental cuts that you can get when using knives. It's built with an ingredient container so that you can efficiently chop veggies in a safe manner.

Easy To Wash - Rinse the GuilloChop with water once disassembled to remove tiny pieces of food. The useful instrument can be quickly assembled and disassembled when storing and washing.


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type: Garlic Presses
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Feature: Stocked
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