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TheraOrb - Aromatherapy Solar Rotating Incense Diffuser

TheraOrb - Aromatherapy Solar Rotating Incense Diffuser

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Breathe Refreshing And Relaxing Scents All Day

Fill your home with a refreshing scent with the help of the TheraOrb. Our beautiful TheraOrb diffuses Scents throughout your home, while giving it a galactic vibe as well!

Its unique design is surely going to entertain every person that walks in your home. The dancing rings and transparent orb makes the TheraOrb a fun and stylish piece to fill up any shelf, table, or counter.

Key Benefits

Galactic Design - Our premium TheraOrb is designed with rings that spin and dance around the cool transparent orb. It even projects a beautiful backlight and an amazing solar system.

Unique Diffuser - The TheraOrb is unlike your usual scent diffuser due to its unique space design. It's powered by a solar panel that keeps the rings spinning and dancing all day.

Place Anywhere - With its compact design, the TheraOrb is easy to place anywhere in your home. It's especially perfect for your work table, living room shelf, or even your bathroom.

Perfect Gift - This TheraOrb is a great gift to give to space loving friends and family. No matter the occasion, the TheraOrb is a unique and useful item to give to others.


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